Choose Walking Sticks Handle That Best Suit You to Maintain Mobility

Planning to buy a new walking stick which perfectly suits you and your needs? Choosing the right walking stick handle can make all the right difference.

When it comes to selecting walking sticks, among other factors, you need to ensure that the walking stick handle you are choosing is best suited to you. With a wide array of handles to choose from, picking the right one can indeed be a bit difficult. While some are designed for prolonged usage, others can significantly help you with balance. Whatever your needs are, you need to discover walking sticks in India that are ideal for you.

Here’s a handy guide to the various walking sticks you can choose from!

Walking Sticks in India

Few Types of Handles You Can Choose From While Buying Walking Sticks in India

  1. Fritz Hand Grip

Fritz handled walking sticks have an open-ended style, providing your hands and fingers more surface, making it a comfortable grip, especially among people who suffer from arthritis and rheumatism. The unique design of this handle lets you hold the stick with ease, without causing any pain to your fingers or hand.

  1. Custom Fit

If you need a walking stick that caters to your individual needs and reflects your personality, custom fit handles can be your best buy. These walking sticks are available in two varieties like-

  1. Anatomical Palm Grip
    Anatomical handles are ideal for prolonged usage. Being a palm grip, your weight is evenly distributed over your entire palm, reducing the impact on your wrist. This makes the orthopaedic style handle an ideal choice for you, if you suffer with wrist problems, since they fit comfortably in your hand. The anatomical palm grip is available for the left and the right hands separately.
  2. Fischer Palm Grip
    The Fischer Palm Grip is another orthopaedic walking stick handle, which evenly distributes your weight over your palm, reducing the impact on your wrist. They feel like a custom fit for your hand. The fischer handles helps distribute your weight over a large surface area as compared to the anatomical walking stick, making it ideal for persons suffering from extreme hand or wrist problems. The fischer handles are available in a range of models for youto use in either the right or the left hand.
  1. Derby Handle

Derby handles are one of the most popular varieties of walking sticks in India. Its elegant shape and curved design not only make it stylish, but also very functional since it can be hooked onto your hand.

So what are you still thinking of? Quickly approach a dependable store and bring home a walking stick that enhances your quality of life!

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