How to Use Home Safety for Old People in India to Enhance Well-being

It is a well-known fact that as people age their ability to move around freely, even within the confines of their own premises, considerably diminishes. One of the main reasons for this is the weakening of muscles and thus impacting the joints too which makes  movement a difficult proposition for the elderly. Keeping this in mind, it is extremely necessary that safety measures are put in place in the form of products for senior citizens. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the ways one can minimize the chances of accidents in the house itself.

Tips to Ensure the Safety of the Elderly

  • Toilet and Bathroom
  1. Install Grab Bars esp. near the commode, shower and towel rack
  2. Avoid keeping floors damp
  3. Have anti slip bath mats in the bathroom
  4. Keep non slip chairs for showering or changing
  5. Have good lighting
  6. Have a raised toilet seat
  7. Set the Thermostat to 48°C (120°F) to avoid scalding
  8. Avoid locking the bathroom door
  9. Avoid slippery tiles
  10. Keep an alarm which is easy to approach in case of emergency


  • Bedroom
  1. Keep flash torch which is easily reachable
  2. Install automatic lights which has motion sensor
  3. Bed should be of a proper height  which will depend on the user’s height. The optimum maximum height allows the person to sit comfortably at the edge of their mattress with their feet flat against the floor.
  4. Install bed rails according to the need of the user – to prevent fall at night or even to use as support to get off the bed
  5. Do not keep bedspreads, bed sheets hanging too long which might entangle with ones feet.
  6. Throw rugs should not be placed on the floor
  7. Wires should not be left loose as it might get entangled resulting in a fall
  8. Closets should be easily accessible
  9. Mattresses should not be soft
  10. An alarm should be in place in case of any emergency
  11. Sturdy chair should be placed for dressing


  • Staircase
  1. Keep staircases well lit.
  2. Handrail should be sturdy
  3. Grab bars should be installed on the landings – the first and last step of the stairs
  4. Steps of the staircase should have GID anti slip tapes.


  • Kitchen
  1. Keep floor clean and uncluttered
  2. Work areas should be well lit
  3. Appliances should have clear markings with “on” and “off”
  4. Sharp knives should be stored carefully
  5. Keep simple bottle openers, can openers handy
  6. Avoid wearing synthetic material or loose garments while cooking
  7. Keep a magnifier handy to check the expiry dates of eatables


  • Common Areas
  1. Lights need to be bright
  2. Ensure no wires are obstructing the walking area
  3. No throw rugs should be placed with edges loose or curling up
  4. Furniture with sharp edges should be replaced or kept covered with foam
  5. A support to get up from sofa or chair would be of great help to the elders


  • Outdoors
  1. Avoid walking on uneven paths
  2. Take well lit routes or keep a torch handy
  3. Don’t hesitate to take a walking support such as a walker/ rollator or a walking stick with you.
  4. Carry an alarm along for any emergency


When it comes to making sure that the elderly are safe, one might need to go that extra mile. Assistive aids help make the environment safer for the seniors and prevent avoidable injuries. As the old saying goes , It is better to be safe than be sorry !!  This makes the need for using home safety products for senior citizens in India a necessity.