Grandparents – The Unsung Heroes

Vivek* was in a soup. He had just become a father, Sunita*(his wife) and baby were still in hospital, when he received a call. “It’s a life and death situation, we need you back at the office” his boss was already wanting him back, while Sunita was recovering from surgery. It was then that he felt a reassuring pat on the back. His mother told him, “Don’t worry son. We will take care of things here. You settle your stuff”. Sounds familiar?

After 3 days, Vivek was back in full swing at office, and after 3 months Sunita was. The reason they could do this was, when they were debating whether to start their family in a corporate setup, Vivek’s mother had told them to go for it, and she was there to support.


In an increasingly nuclear setup, apartment living and general mistrust of people amongst us, in times of emergencies, it is the grandparents who invariably step in and hold it all together. It is a thought we are not used to – say grandparents, and you think of a wrinkled person, sitting on an arm chair. Many memes have been made on this topic too. But the more one thinks about it, the more sense it makes.

  1. Companionship – Grandparents generally crave for companionship, and taking care of infants brings out the child in them. The twinkle in the eye is back, and for a few moments all the pain joints are gone. They have obviously been successful in raising their children and have experience in it.
  2. Experience – One of the hardest things to market in India is baby products, because a parent looks to their parents for recommendations. So, if the grandmother was using a brand for her baby, chances are the grandchild uses it too. In an increasingly nuclear setup, the moment parents want a bit of freedom from their baby, the grandparents are remembered. Grandparents crave for that opportunity.
  3. Trust – With Crime Patrol going overboard in reporting the horrors committed by domestic helps, parents need a trusted somebody to take of kids in their absence. Usually grandparents are the only ones to rise up to the challenge
  4. Expense Management – Hiring a trustworthy nanny costs a bomb, so parents generally look for the granny who also bring unconditional love along with them.

Here’s saluting the unsung heroes in our homes who make sure to be the perfect support cast, while we get along with our lives!

*Names changed for confidentiality